The furious ink wars are back in Splatoon 3, a sequel to the famous third-person shooter trilogy, and is available to play for free online now! Instead of being violent like the shooting games we used to play before, this game focuses the entire player experience on the online shooting mode, which is extremely fun. Whether you are a pro or newbie, Splatoon 3 deserves to be on your list of favorite games. Your main mission is to use the weapon you previously selected to fill the enemy team's playing field with ink. This version includes many new weapons, such as the Crab Tank, which allows you to roll on the playing field and shoot in a wide area.

One of the most outstanding features in this latest edition is that players can take part in both single-player and multiplayer game modes in Turf Battles and Salmon Runs from the battle menus. Before each match, you can choose the team or play with your teammates. All you have to do is select the gun and join the battle. This game has a lovely graphic design with a lot of fun characters and fancy locations, and also exciting game modes. If you love this ink shooting game series, don't miss Splatoon 3. Let's pick up your weapons and conquer the attractive modes!

Splatoon 3 Special Weapons

  • Crab Tank
  • Zipcaster
  • Trizooka
  • Killer Wail 5.1
  • Triple Inkstrike
  • Ink Vac
  • Wave Breaker
  • Reefslider
  • Tacticooler
  • Tenta Missiles
  • Splashdown
  • Ink Storm
  • Booyah Bomb
  • Ultra Stamp

Splatoon 3 Soundtrack 

  • Splattack! (S3 remix) by C-Side
  • Clickbait by C-Side
  • Paint Scraper by C-Side
  • Sea Me Now by Front Roe
  • Now or Never! by Deep Cut
  • Deluge Dirge by Ω-3
  • Candy-Coated Rocks by Damp Socks Feat. Off the Hook
  • Anarchy Rainbow by Deep Cut
  • Calamari Inkantation 3Mix by DJ Octavio Feat. the Squid Sisters and Deep Cut
  • Wave Goodbye by Squid Sisters

How To Play


Splatoon 3 has a very friendly and colorful gameplay. Similar to previous Splatoon games, you will control the Inklings from a third-person perspective and try to ink the entire ground with the weapon you have chosen for the character. 

With the single-player campaign, you can gear up and customize your Inklings with different clothing options. You can also register your favorite gear and find it later on in the shop. 

Game Modes 

Turf War mode will be more interesting. Four players in a squad will compete against another team and be forced to occupy as many fields on the map as possible in 3 minutes. Splatoon 3’s gameplay focuses on territorial warfare instead of shooting at opponents. Shooting at opponents is still an important part of the game, but not the only part. The winner is determined by the inked part of the stadium. 

Anarchy Battles Mode allows players to compete for high rankings through four separate game modes, including Splat Zones, Tower Control, Rainmaker, and Clam Blitz. 

In Salmon Run mode, you can team up to beat salmonids and gather their eggs. This is a fun bonus mode you can try with your friends.

How to play Splatoon 3 with friends

First, go to the Battle Lobby and create a room. To do that, get into the elevator used to participate in regular turf battles. 

Then, click the option to create a casual battle with your friends on the Regular Battle option. The menu will display a list of online and offline friends. Click Y to create a room.

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