In the unusual shooting game Time Shooter, if you pause, time will remain still. It's your job to eliminate your adversaries using a novel strategy.

Moving forward accelerates time, while stopping causes it to sluggishly pass. Crazy levels are available in this game. You are in the midst of a conflict with your adversaries in a pub. You reside on a very different horizon. Your objective is to aim and maneuver cautiously while brandishing the weapons you all hold in your hands. If you move, time will resume its normal course; if you halt, time will also come to an end. When time stops, you can either attempt to plan your next course of action or get ready for imminent peril.

How To Play

  • Move with WASD on a computer.
  • Aim to mouse
  • Left clicK to fire.
  • Click right to toss a weapon.

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